Our Name

From 1st January 2021 our name formally changed from the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to Blueprint for All.  This change respects Stephen’s family’s wishes that the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, set up by his mother Baroness Lawrence last year, is the only charity to bear his name.

Since our foundation in 1998, we have worked to ensure that the opportunities denied to Stephen are open to all.  Our underpinning principles remain the same and we continue to honour his memory through our work.

The ‘Blueprint’ in our new name signifies that we have a clear plan to create the changes our society needs, and gives a subtle nod to Stephen’s own desire to become an architect, ensuring that he is always recognised in our story.

The ‘for All’ highlights our belief that the same opportunities and support should be open to everyone, not limited because of someone’s race, ethnicity or background.  And it also speaks of our collaborative approach and the role we all need to play in creating a fairer and more inclusive society.

Our Work

Find out more about our work with underrepresented young people and communities to see how we are driving societal change.

What we do