Board recruitment and development

We know that the most effective boards are diverse in skills, outlook and experience.  But organisations in every sector still struggle to recruit board members from diverse backgrounds.  And too often new and existing board members aren’t supported to develop the skills they need to be as effective as possible in their role.

We help organisations to create boards that are diverse and inclusive, that function effectively, and that are able to lead and drive diversity in their organisation.

The support we provide includes:

  • Recruiting board members from diverse backgrounds – We work with organisations to develop and implement a recruitment process that enables them to attract and appoint more diverse candidates to the Board.
  • Building skills for board members – We provide workshops, training and coaching to support new and current board members to develop and enhance the skills they need to be effective in their role.
  • Preparing people for a place on the board – Potential board members are often overlooked or unable to apply because they don’t already meet an organisation’s criteria. This is particularly true for people from BAME backgrounds and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.  We run programmes that help prepare potential board members for the role.