New building futures resource

For those familiar with the Building Futures programme you will know we oversee workshops, mentoring and work experience opportunities offered by our various partner practices.

We aim to provide our beneficiaries with a range of helpful resources that can support their architectural education and careers. Following an increased focus on distanced learning, and alongside our Getting Into Architecture toolkit with HKS Architects. we have two insightful videos resources.

The first provided by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects (Swarch): What to expect from architecture courses. This video resource acts as a insight into the university critique system, as it breaks down key elements within the architectural education from visual crits to an emphasis on focused learning following Covid Government guidelines. Swarch also engages with the Trust on our Building Futures mentoring programme, more information about what the practice does can be found here.

EPR Architects have also provided a resource on BIM software and the importance of programmes such as Revit and AutoCAD within architectural practice. EPR architects are a London Based firm known for their commercial and residential projects. We hope the resource can offer insight into teamwork and collaboration in software within the architectural industry. More about what they do can be found here: