Creating a pipeline of community leaders: Volunteer Police Cadets

We want to create positive change for local communities and the young people who live in them, by encouraging more young people to become involved in social change activities.

We have formed a unique partnership with the Volunteer Police Cadets to train and support young people to plan and implement social action projects in their local communities.

The Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) is the nationally recognised police youth group throughout the UK whose purpose is to encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship amongst its members. The VPC were very actively involved in activities to mark the first national Stephen Lawrence Day on 22nd April, including training for VPC leaders at the Trust, VPC units from London’s Metropolitan Police Service meeting at New Scotland Yard for a day of youth led social action planning and discussion, and similar events and activities in Greater Manchester, Hampshire & Surrey.

The Trust and VPC have continued to build a strong working relationship, with additional training sessions throughout the year and social action projects initiated around Stephen Lawrence Day are still on-going.

Our Community Social Action toolkit was developed to support young people and groups like the VPC to come together and solve the problems that have a negative impact on their community. It is free to download from our website.