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Mentoring is a personal development opportunity; increasing self-confidence, fulfillment, and career progression. We believe everyone should have access to and reap the benefits from mentoring, no matter your background or job title.

Mentoring is about bringing others along with you on your journey. You don’t have to be senior to be a mentor or junior to be a mentee. Having someone else to encourage, motivate and share successes with, can lead to extraordinary things.

Mentoring can be a hugely beneficial experience for both mentors and mentees. Providing much needed knowledge and experience to the beneficiaries of our programmes to further support them in their career journeys. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of,

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Their enthusiasm and confidence in me, gifted me with the reassurance that I deserve the same opportunities as anybody else.
Olivia Jones #BeMoreInclusive
Having a mentor, hearing from industry experts and seeing behind the scenes really inspired me. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my passion and be able to follow my dream.
Rebecca Shogunle
I was connected with a mentor, who has been instrumental in my journey towards becoming an architect. He has been providing me with invaluable advice and helping me progress my personal career goals.
Bunmi Adeoye #BeMoreInclusive
I think Blueprint for All has bridged the gap where we can ask places and people in our chosen career path questions more directly.