2020 Virtual London Marathon (In Bristol)

Key details

Date: 4th October 2020

Cost: £25

Location: BS3 2LL

Organised by: David McGillan

Contact number: (758) 318-1709

Contact email: david.mcgillan@uk.imptob.com

I’ve tried to do my own learning by just listening to media discussions and reading up on issues around the recent black lives matter protests. I understand why people are protesting. I was a “child of the troubles” and grew up with the civil rights issues in Northern Ireland. So I can understand just a little bit about such inequalities and injustices. However, there is still much to learn, understand and empathise with from the messages coming from the black community.

As a result of trying to learn more about these issues, I have also researched a number of organisations and charities in the UK, to see if there is anything I can actually do in this area. So, I’m going to run the virtual London Marathon on 4th October 2020 for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. I’m hoping any donations will support the wonderful SLCT initiatives. Please donate via virgin giving link below:

Everybody needs to do what they can to challenge racism and similar inequalities. Running a Marathon for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable trust is just my very small bit.