Good practice guidelines for fundraising

Fundraising can be a lot of fun, and is also a great way to involve people.  It can also contribute to our reputation by explaining what our organisation does and where people’s money goes.  We want everyone who fundraises for us to feel confident that they are acting in line with the law and with best practice to protect their own reputation.

We have set out some simple guidelines to help protect you when you are fundraising and to ensure that you reflect our values and principles in all that you do.  There is more advice on difference aspects of fundraising in our fundraising resources.

Please follow these simple guidelines:


  • Be clear and truthful

You need to ensure that any materials, like leaflets or a webpage, that you use to support your fundraising are not misleading, for example because you have left information out or misrepresented what will happen to the money you raise.


  • Honour your promises to the people who support you

When you raise money for a specific purpose, it has to be used for that purpose, so, for example, if you are raising money for more than one charity, or not all of their donation will go to us, you need to let donors know that.


  • Treat people fairly and with respect

We believe that fundraising should always be a positive experience, so always treat people fairly and with respect and take care never to pressurise anyone into giving.


  • Handle donations safely and securely

Think carefully about how you will handle funds, to ensure that they are protected and your donors can be confident that they will reach us as planned.  You can make a direct donation to us here.


Thank you for following our guidelines and good luck with your fundraising.