Brook Community Champion: Volunteer

Brook would like to engage enthusiastic individuals from Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) with an interest in volunteering and becoming influencers. Community Champions will work with Brook to communicate and cascade positive Sexual and Reproductive Health messages to their local communities. Champions will assist individuals in their local communities to access a range of sexual health and wellbeing services, helping them to take responsibility for their own health needs.

Why be a Community Champion?

  • Community Champions are trained to be leaders in their local area and are knowledgeable about sexual and reproductive health 
    Champions take action against stigma and discrimination by supporting Brook to deliver clear sex-positive messages to people in the Black African, Caribbean and other minority ethnic (BME) communities 
    Champions are influencers and will be equipped with the necessary training, information and skills to engage with their community and offer support regarding sexual and reproductive health 
    Champions are a voice in their communities, promoting awareness and assisting individuals to make informed choices about their sexual health and wellbeing

Benefits of being a Community Champion:

  • Be provided with accredited training on a wide range of sexual health and wellbeing topics
  • Develop skills and knowledge in SRH, influencing and engaging individuals and communities
  • Be trained in community participation and engagement o Be provided with on-going support by expert staff
  • Gain experience in delivery of sexual and reproductive health programmes  o Meet people with similar passions and make a positive impact in your community
What to expectAll Community Champions will:

  • Receive full training on various sexual and reproductive health (SRH) topics  be supported by one of Brook’s Education and Wellbeing team and receive regular support and supervision
  • be required to volunteer 3 hours/week (or more if available) to support BME communities in LSL around SRH needs  
  • Encourage and inspire others to tackle stigma and discrimination in SRH by delivering clear sex-positive messages 
  • Make links with existing groups and networks who may want to be access SRH training  
  • Signpost individuals in the community to relevant local services  
  • Promote Brook’s work and current campaigns in LSL making use of your personal and external followers/community to raise awareness 
  • Co-deliver community engagement events alongside other service partners 
  • Provide feedback on experiences, lessons learned and case studies from the community.

 If you have any questions about the application or the role, please get in touch with Samantha Telemaque.


Direct number:  07923 250 358

Further details are available on the website