Head of Communities Development

As our new Head of Communities Development, you will be ensuring that we have a strategy and action plan for building heritage-related community capacity and engagement. You will also make sure we are recognised as a significant player within community development and delivery.

In this role, you will be responsible for liaising with stakeholders that have an interest in England`s heritage. Through building stronger ties and helping them appreciate the value of heritage in delivering their wider agendas, you will identify current government priorities for civil society as they relate to heritage and identify current gaps in support for communities wanting a greater say over how their local heritage is managed. You will be developing strong external links with key partners in relevant Higher Education Institutions and Public Sector Research Establishments and collaborate with relevant colleagues working in strategic and research-related roles within Historic England, in order to identify, commission and manage relevant research. Ensuring we deepen our engagement with national umbrella and strategic community organisations, you will also make sure that the process of community-led heritage asset management and development is better understood within Historic England and the wider heritage sector.

To be successful in this role, you will have significant experience of strategic work relating to community development and sustainable heritage management. A well-developed understanding of community asset transfer and how it can deliver positive heritage outcomes, you also have excellent written and verbal communication skills for a wide range of audiences. An engaging and persuasive public speaker, you`re also a strategic thinker with the ability to look beyond the short-term and balance organisational objectives and audience needs to deliver results.

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Within your application please state that you heard about the opportunity through the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.