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Date: 22nd Oct 2020

Author: SLCT

Type: News

Housing developers benefit from a wider ranger of voices

Chloe Phelps, head of design at housing developer Brick By Brick, talks about the recent competition run in partnership with the Trust, why diverse voices are important in housing design, and how a meaningful change in how developers procure projects can lead to greater diversity.

Architecture Today

Jas Bhalla wins Brick By Brick Croydon housing contest

Emerging practice Jas Bhalla Architects has won Brick By Brick and the Stephen Lawrence Trust’s contest for a housing infill project in Croydon

Architects’ Journal, 28th August

Overcoming adversity with diversity: designing a better world

UK’s Brick By Brick launches design competition in partnership with Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.  It is free to register for access to articles on this site.

Architecture World, 20th August 2020

London competition challenges architects to design better housing for diverse communities

A shortlist of BAME-led architecture studios has been announced by development company Brick By Brick and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, in response to a design competition set up to find better housing solutions for the diverse Croydon community in London.

Wallpaper, 15th August

Brick by Brick announces BAME-led shortlist in Croydon housing contest

Brick by Brick – working in partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Trust – has selected six BAME-led practices in the final round of its contest for a housing infill project in Croydon.

Architects’ Journal, 12th August 2020

A framework for business leaders to work towards equality

Our Chief Executive Sonia Watson sets out the importance of business leaders pursuing equality and sets out three key steps they can take. The article is behind a pay wall, but a trial subscription giving full access to the Financial Times for 4 weeks is £1.

Financial Times, 3 August

Why I need to see more black faces in architecture

Part 2 student Tobi Sobowale, and alumna of the Trust’s Building Futures programme, explains why seeing others like her succeed in this profession matters so much.

Architects’ Journal, 27 July 2020

Black Lives Matter Student Resource Launched

Announcing the launch of our new resource, We all have the power to make a difference, to help students learn and make sense of recent protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Education Business, 26 June

Hachette partners with Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust on career toolkit 

Hachette UK has created a new ‘Guide to publishing toolkit’ in partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to make careers in publishing more accessible to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Bookseller, 17 July 

Do more than just voice your support from behind a screen

Opinion piece by SLCT Chief executive Sonia Watson highlighting the key ways organisations in the built environment can become more diverse.

Construction News, 17 July 

Brick By Brick and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust open ‘housing for a better world contest’ Architects’ Journal

Brick By Brick has joined forces with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to launch a competition to attract a new, more diverse generation of architects.

Architects Journal, 13 July 

Retail Gazette M&S to take ‘urgent action’ on racism and diversity 

Marks & Spencer announce that as part of its ambitions to be an active participant in the neighbourhoods where it trades, it will be supporting the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and The Black Curriculum.

Retail Gazette, 19 June

Stephen Lawrence Day debate

Building Design, 24 April 

Stephen Lawrence Day

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust calls for a renewed effort to promote inspiration and opportunity for young people from every background in the light of the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on people from BAME backgrounds .

E-architect, 26 April 

The Times Covid-19 makes fighting inequality more important than ever 

Opinion piece by our Chief Executive, Sonia Watson, arguing that Covid 19 is highlighting inequality more starkly than ever and bringing new urgency to the messages of Stephen Lawrence Day.

The Times, 22 April 

Stephen Lawrence Trust sets up HR partnership to boost diversity

Agreement with recruitment firm Urban will help people from under-represented groups find jobs in architecture sector

Building Design, 21 April 

University launches architecture bursaries

Newcastle University launches a new bursary scheme offering people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds the change to have the cost of their part 1 architecture studies fully met.

Building Design, 2 January 

Diversity champion Sonia Watson awarded OBE in Queen’s birthday honours

Sonia Watson, chief executive of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust has been awarded an OBE.

Architects’ Journal, 10 June 2019

Increase in ethnic minority honours making little difference on the ground, says Stephen Lawrence Trust boss

Sonia Watson, chief executive of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust says that while diversity of those recognised has improved, it has made little difference to the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people.

Daily Telegraph, 7 June