Corporate Donations Policy

As a charity, we rely on donations from individuals, companies and charitable trusts.  Without their generosity and commitment to our work we simply wouldn’t be able to continue.  Our donors and supporters rightly have high expectations of how we conduct ourselves and trust us to act with integrity and in accordance with the law in everything we do.  That’s why we have set out a policy on accepting corporate donations and ask all the companies who donate to us to read and agree to our policy.


  • We will always and only use your donation to support our declared charitable purposes, and we will only work in ways and with organisations that also support them.
  • We will always remain actively in charge of how our funds and resources are deployed, using our discretion to determine how best to use your donation.  We will not transfer any part of your donation to another charity or charities.
  • We will always seek to meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability for how we manage our funds.
  • We will always provide information and documentation on how and when we have deployed your donation, where we have agreed this with you.
  • We will always act in accordance with the law, and in particular those laws which relate to charities, and in line with guidance from the Charities Commission.
  • On some occasions we may wish to publicise your generous donation.  If and when we would like to do so, we will first seek your express permission and, if requested, share the proposed text and context with you for agreement.  We will only use any brands, logos, or other intellectual property owned by your company with your explicit permission.
  • Our public image and reputation are extremely important to us, and we therefore ask that you seek the our agreement in advance before making use of reference to your donation or association with us in your correspondence with third parties, the media, social media or others.
  • We recognise that no organisation is perfect all the time, and organisations may make a donation to us as a symbol of their desire to improve.  We welcome that commitment and will support those organisations to make the changes they need to where we can.
  • We will not accept donations from organisations who we believe work in ways that undermine our own charitable objectives and we reserve the right to return donations where we believe this is the case.
  • We are proud of our reputation and track record for delivering high impact programmes that make a difference.  We will always act in the best interests of Blueprint for All, including protecting its independence and reputation.  If Blueprint for All , exercising its sole discretion, determines at any time that your donation will or could damage, harm or negatively affect reputation, independence, or that it could be seen as an endorsement or acceptance of previous, present or future conduct of your company which does not comply with our values or objectives, we may give you notice that this has occurred. Blueprint for All reserves the right to respond to you publicly as it feels necessary, which may include, but would not be limited to, rejecting or returning all or part of your donation or donations.


If you have made a donation to Blueprint for All and we have asked you to read our policy, please email to confirm that you are happy to make your donation on this basis.