Support our work with communities

Below are some of the practical ways you can support our work with community groups and their leaders.

If you are interested in finding out more about how your organisation can get involved or are able to offer your support, please email

Make your training available to community groups / leaders Most local groups working to support people from BAME backgrounds are extremely small and have little or no budget for training.


Make your training available to our staff



We work hard to ensure that as much of our income as possible goes to supporting our programmes, and funding training for our staff is challenging.  Often companies are able to offer places on training they are providing for their own staff.

Mentoring/Coaching for community (group) leaders



Although they face many challenges specific to their size, there is very little leadership training tailored to the needs of small and micro charities. In addition, leaders working with BAME communities often face additional challenges that reflect the challenges faced by the community they work with.

Share your expertise




Small community groups rarely have a professional infrastructure or easy access to professional advice and support.

We are looking for any support, guidance or pro bono staff time to help our community groups in these (and other) professional areas:

  • HR
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Financial
  • Fundraising
  • Legal and Governance
  • Development of a business plan
  • Development of strategy
  • Design support

Make one of our community groups your organisation’s charity of the year 



The community groups we work with are all extremely small.  This means they do not have anyone specifically dedicated to fundraising, and they are often too small to attract grants or other income from major funders.  That means all donations have a huge impact on their ability to survive and provide direct support to those who need it.

Sponsor the refreshments for our network meetings: monthly communities meetings total- £100


Once safe to do so, we plan to resume our monthly network meetings supporting over 120 organisations in our network.

Refreshments for these monthly meetings costs approximately £100.

Offer meeting space to community (group) leaders 



Community groups often struggle to find affordable space to hold meetings.  Is there a room or space in your building that you could make available to them for meetings?

Office space to support the development of a community group



Many community groups find it challenging to find affordable office space.  Do you have any space within your organisation that you could make available for a fixed-term that one of our organisations could use as their office?

Sponsor a community (group) leader to have co-working space in Your Space for a year



If you don’t have any spare space, perhaps you could sponsor office space for a community leader.  By sponsoring a place at our co-working hub Your Space, you will provide stability and a functional and local base for their organisation.

Provide event space for our annual communities celebration



We plan to create an annual celebration to recognise the achievements and development of the community leaders and groups within our network.  Providing event space within your organisation will support this plan.

Sponsor a (new) annual SLCT community recognition and awards



We plan to create an annual celebration to recognise the achievements and development of the community leaders and groups within our network. Sponsorship towards this cost of this will support this plan

Provide goods and materials community groups need



Many of the groups we work with struggle to afford some of the basic equipment and supplies they need to run effectively.

In particular, we would welcome:

  • Computers /laptops you no longer need
  • Personal devices such as tables and mobile
  • Internet dongles
  • Stationery