Plan an event

Thinking about holding an event to raise funds? It can be hard work but incredibly rewarding, knowing your efforts will help improve the lives of disadvantaged young people and communities. An event is also a great way to raise funds whilst having fun in your community with friends, family and colleagues.

Top tips for planning an event

  • Set a target for how much you are trying to raise, this will help you plan, and will motivate people to help you get there! A good balance is to aim to raise three times more than you spend.
  • Set a budget. Work out what you will need to spend money on beforehand, so you can make sure you are raising more than it costs you.
  • Check the calendar. People are less likely to be able to come if your event clashes with a major sporting event or a national day. You also need to give yourself enough time to make all the preparations and to publicise what you’re doing.
  • Plan what you will need to do beforehand and what you will need to do on the day. This will help you work out what help you might need, identify any challenges early, and make sure it all runs smoothly.
  • Get help. It’s often more fun, as well as less work, when friends and family get involved. You never know, you may find that they have hidden talents!
  • Tell everyone what you’re doing and why. You might want to create some flyers or posters. Email friends and colleagues with information that they can send on to others. Social media is also a great way to advertise what you’re doing.
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone. After the event, remember to send a big thank you to everyone who has helped, and let everyone know how much you raised.

You can find more helpful tips on our Fundraising Resources section.