Soraya Holloway

Stephen Lawrence Day is about inspiring young people with what they can achieve in their own lives and Police Officer Soraya Holloway is the perfect example.  Soraya joined the Volunteer Police Cadets when she was at school.  Now 19 years old, she is a Police Officer with Greater Manchester Police.

  • What advice would you give to someone aged 13-18 to help them succeed?

Do something you enjoy – there’s no point putting in hard work and dedication into something that you’re not passionate about!  I’d also say to study and pass your GCSEs.  You get nagged a lot about it when you’re at school, but not having them can hold you back from what you want to do.

  • This year Stephen Lawrence Day is focusing on the small things we can call do to make a difference.  What do you think people can do in the current circumstance?

There’s definitely pressure and stress on the front line within the blue light services at the moment.  I’ve been working as a response officer on the front line of policing, not only working my normal rostered shifts, but volunteering to work extra shifts to help cover the increasing demand.

Apart from following government guidelines, I would say to people, if you’re out on your daily exercise and see a police officer or other key worker, please smile and wave – one small act of kindness could boost the morale of those who are working long, hard hours to keep you safe and healthy.

  • Who inspires you and why?

The team I work with day-in-day out inspire me all the time.  Even through the struggles we face individually or at work, we still try to provide the best service we can whilst being proud of the uniform we wear.  Members of the public also inspire me – some people face awful experiences in life and somehow still bounce back and try to get their lives on track.  For me it’s important to remember every person has a story and sometimes it’s not an easy path they’ve been on to get where they are.