Class of 2020

Meet our 2020 Building Futures cohort, an incredibly talented group of individuals who are pursing their dreams of qualifying as architects.

Aaron Osinuga     

In Sept 2019 Aaron began his Part II studies at Oxford Brookes University. Before this, Aaron worked at Kiran Curtis + Associates and numerous other practices. He has also been an active part of the Trust’s Building Futures programme, and dedicated participant of Architectural events, exhibition and workshops . Aaron enjoys a challenge and is a sports fanatic who has played multiple sports to a high club level. In addition he loves to give back and volunteer to organise sports events. He aims to motivate those around him to engage in sports, and fellow architectural friends to get involved in architectural competitions.

Asher Bourne   

Asher has been an Alumni of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust for the past 7 years, receiving financial support, mentoring and networking opportunities. Asher is currently studying his final year of MA Architecture.  He completed a part 1 placement at Foster + Partners before securing a part-time placement at PRP Architects whilst continuing his studies.



Ayokunle Ambali

Ayokunle is entering his final year of MA Architecture at Westminster University in September 2019. For his dissertation, he is currently writing about the Medieval and Gothic Revival and the major differences between them. He is captivated by the works of MRDV and Santiago Calatrava.



Azime Nazlivatan

Azime started her MA Architecture at Greenwich University in September 2019. She has been a part of the Building Futures programme since 2016, being involved in the exhibition hosted by Scott Brownrigg. During her undergraduate studies the Trust supported her with mentoring and work experience. She has recently completed her year out placement with Mace as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.


Chantal Banker

Chantal is originally from the Cayman Islands and currently pursuing her Part 2 studies at the University of Huddersfield. Her primary aims are to give back to her local community and also community back home in the Cayman Islands through volunteering, mentoring and potentially funding built projects later in her career. In her spare time, Chantal is active with youth involvement groups and other community activities which support anti-violence and promote a positive and productive outlet for youths.

Chisom Odemene

Chisom started her Part I studies at UCL in September 2019. Outside of her studies, she enjoys playing in a Jazz band. She hopes to explore the psychology of space and how music can enhance the way we experience architecture.




Cyprian Boateng

Since graduating from his Part I studies with first class honours, Cyprian spent a year working at Hawkins Brown architects and took an additional year out working for Shigeru Ban Architects in Tokyo, Japan. Cyprian’s interest and natural curiosity in the multiple design mediums involved in Architecture led him to explore the world of app making in which he began creating a building recognition mobile application. In Sept 2019, Cyprian began his Part II studies at The Royal College of Art.

Funto Thompson
Funto is currently studying MA Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, pursing an avid interest in the way social structures form an integral part of developing site-specific design, centred around its inhabitants. Her work is fuelled by an aspiration to work on projects in her home country, Nigeria, which is bursting with potential and in need of smart, localised architecture to sustain its rapidly increasing population. Alongside her studies, Funto has trained for many years in a range of dance styles, participating in performances with her university and other companies.

Legend Morgan

Legend graduated from the Architecture School, University of East London and re-entered education in September 2019 to begin his MA Architecture at Kingston University. Before this Legend was a Part 1 Architectural Assistant working at Executive Architectural firm, Adamson Associates. Outside of his studies Legend enjoys a variety of different sports, such as football, basketball and badminton; whilst balancing spending time with family and friends.


Maryam Daoudi

Maryam is a third-year BA Architecture student at the University of Westminster. She is interested in cross-disciplinary architecture, and how we can use the design process outside of creating buildings, for instance, designing bridges, or virtual spaces.




Osei-Tutu Bonsu

In September 2019, Bonsu began his MA Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. As a member of Tamed Graphics, he has been able to pursue his interest in photography. He remains a strong advocate for the empowerment of communities and aspires to transform their aspirations and cultural preferences into built form, especially as it pertains to global vernacular architecture.



Rebecca Denh Chim

Bekkii started her first year of MA Architecture at the Birmingham School of Architecture (BCU) in September 2019. Having spent her placement year doing feasibility studies, she is keen to delve into more detailed concept and design work. She hopes to spend this year broadening her knowledge in different areas in order to make a sound decision on the chosen focus of her final thesis. Along the way, she aims to do some travelling to see more of the world she hopes to design in.


Remi Phillips-Hood

Remi is continuing his MA Architecture at the University of Manchester, and hopes to complete the Erasmus scheme at the Politecnico Di Milano. Receiving the bursary award is an additional spark to his will and a milestone for whom he aims to represent. Remi hopes to be a vessel to underrepresented demographics he identifies with.



Sarah Daoudi

Sarah started her third year of BA Architecture at the University of Westminster in September 2019. She appreciates that architecture can be a cross-disciplinary study tying into other fields and is not necessarily always about building. Sarah is also passionate about sustainability in architecture and how implementing these technologies in design can benefit societies and the environment alike; particularly important in today’s context of the world, and she’s keen to include these strategies in her designs. Sarah also enjoys experimenting with materiality and light to create playful and surreal spaces.

Shawn Adams

Shawn is currently studying MA Architecture at the Royal College of Art. After graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a First-Class Honours, he went on to work in offices in both England and Spain. Outside of architecture, Shawn has a burning passion for community engagement and strives to get the voices of the underrepresented heard.



Tanatswa Borerwe

Tanatswa Borerwe is currently in her second year of MA Architecture at the University of Westminster. With the Bursary Award she has been able split her time between a full-time course and be an active graphic and architectural designer for Migrant’s Bureau. Migrants Bureau is a fresh and new multidisciplinary studio whose ethos is to tackle migration, social, political circumstances. For the 2019-20 Academic year, Tanatswa plans on partly using her award to fund her trip to Porto and Barcelona. Tanatswa is also an artist who paints people of colour.

Yeside Anuoluwatobi Sobowale

Tobi began her MA Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2019. Most recently Tobi has worked at C.F. Moller Architects, with experience of RIBA work stage 4 in the healthcare sector. Tobi has worked with the Light of Faith and Joy Outreach, a charity organisation that offers financial aid and supplies to schools in Nigeria. She also founded the You are Beautiful (YAB) Campaign in 2015, which aims to encourage and enable young women to self-actualisation, through various platforms.


Yvonne Onah

Yvonne is currently studying MA Architecture at the University of Westminster. She will begin her fifth year in 2019. During this final year of study, she aims to focus on the appreciation of West African architecture and design, through her research dissertation. In addition, explore the vast environmental issues the world is currently facing, and how the future of design can help to tackle this.