Creative & Entrepreneurial Pathway

A programme designed to nurture creativity and entrepreneurship in secondary school students

The Creative & Entrepreneurial Pathways programme works with secondary schools to provide young people in Year 9 to Year 10 with core skills and knowledge to build on their creativity and entrepreneurship in a business environment.


Delivering in schools across London, the Creative and Entrepreneurial Pathways programme sees students meet business owners that represent themselves and learn from those who have been successful in the business world. The programme includes workshops in pitching, branding, presenting and teamwork.


Since October 2021, the programme has been delivered in person.

How does the Creative & Entrepreneurial Pathway support students in their future career?

This programme is delivered as five workshops across five weeks by Blueprint for All’s very own Careers Team, as well as inspiring figures in the business world.

It includes:

  • Workshops on pitching success and why it is so important.
  • Career resources to creative and financial industries.
  • Talks and expert insight from industry-leading entrepreneurs.
I learnt that you need to take advantage of the gap in the market to be an entrepreneur to have a chance to succeed. I know what a unique selling point is now!
Creative & Entrepreneurial Pathway participant

How does the Creative & Entrepreneurial Pathway support students who are at risk of failure or exclusion?

Although talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. That’s why at Blueprint for All we want to encourage students who aren’t able to thrive in more rigid, formulaic settings common in bigger class sizes.

We work with a range of partners to deliver the best possible guidance, and ensure fast-paced, captivating sessions catered to all abilities.

It involves 10 sessions across 10 weeks which include:

  • Professional development sessions with an early intervention personal development partner organisation.
  • Talks and expert insight from industry-leading entrepreneurs.
  • Inspiring sessions with creative professionals.

Want to know more about delivering Creative & Entrepreneurial in your school?

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