Careers in Medicine

There isn’t always just one path to get into medicine, and even when you’re in the profession there is a lifetime of learning. These videos, developed with the ACMM (African and Caribbean Medical Mentors) will guide you through the different options and what you can do to kick-start your career in medicine at each stage of your journey.

Secondary School

For many a desire for a career in medicine starts at secondary school and a love of science. In this video, discover what opportunities are available to you now. From how to access work experience to activating your existing networks and building transferable skills.

Sixth Form

Find out more about a career in dentistry in this video. Understand the requirements needed to be accepted into dentistry school in the UK to help you shape the decisions you make in sixth form.


Get useful tips on how to transition from sixth form to medical school and how to overcome potential difficulties you may face as a Black medical student in this powerful series of clips from recent graduates.

Foundation Years

Becoming a Junior Doctor is stressful, in this set of films hear tactics to help you manage your own wellbeing when beginning your FY1 and how to choose your specialism.