Fundraising stories

2020 was a tough year for fundraising with many events and challenges cancelled due to Covid-19. We are continuously surprised and humbled by the support, creativity and determination of our fundraisers without whom we would not be able to deliver our programmes to support young people of diverse ethnic heritage.

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“I no longer felt helpless, or that I had to sit by and idly do nothing; after running that marathon, I felt like I had contributed in some way shape or form to a solution, which is the best feeling.”
Manny and Ope raised over £600 by covering 84 miles in just seven days.
"We were inspired by the #blacklivesmatter movement to raise money for Blueprint for All - it’s important to remember that institutional racism exists in the UK too, and that we should all work to change that."
Olivia Denyer, Senior Product Manager at IWOCA