Community Leadership Academy

The Community Leadership Academy is a FREE bespoke training programme designed specifically for community leaders who are a part of small or micro-organisations that are led by or support those of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Upskill by dedicating just 2 and a half hours of your time a month!

What is the Community Leadership Academy? 

Through a carefully curated selection of FREE monthly online workshops and complementary resources, you can discover how to grow your organisation and strengthen your leadership skills. You can expand your network by connecting with other community groups across the UK within the academy. You can also receive support and training from leading professionals.  

What makes me eligible to join this Academy? 

You are eligible to join the academy if:

  • You are from a diverse ethnic background, and you volunteer or work for a small or micro-organisation


  • Your organisation supports people of a diverse ethnic background

If you have any questions about eligibility, our team will be happy to answer your query.

Register your interest

To register your interest in joining the next cohort of the Community Leadership Academy CLICK HERE and we will be in touch.

How can my organisation make a bigger impact in the community? 

You will gain:

Leadership and management masterclasses

You’ll receive monthly 60-90min masterclasses led by leading professional experts and gain practical skills to strengthen the foundations of your organisation / community group.

Monthly Peer Group Mentoring

Gain support from others within the Academy to solidify your learning, make new connections with like-minded individuals working in a similar space.

Learning Resources

You’ll gain access to recording of our workshops and learning resource materials from facilitators.

Network Expanding Opportunities

Access the opportunity to meet other likeminded leaders and increase your network.

Social Media Features

Your organisation/community group could gain the opportunity to be featured on our social media to celebrate and raise awareness about the great work you and your organisation do.

Certificate of Completion for LinkedIn

Upon completion of the programme, you’ll receive a certificate to commemorate your new skills. Share the successful completion of the programme with your network to showcase your new leadership skills!

Workshop Description Date


Time Notes
Introduction session 
  • Introduction to the programme  
  • Insight on coaching and networking opportunities.   
  • Hear from CLA alumni on their experience with the programme. 
31st January   4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
Boosting your productivity in the workplace (Part 1)  How to increase productivity for volunteers or the head of micro-org.  7th February  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
Boosting your productivity in the workplace (Part 2)  How as a collective a team can boost their productivity.   6th March  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
HR practices in the non-profit sector  An overview of the differences involved in HR practices in the non-profit sector.   3rd April  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
How to deal with conflict and discrimination in the workplace  Overview of techniques/strategies to use to navigate conflict and discrimination in a professional setting.  1st May  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
Mental Health  Provide strategies to prioritise your mental health, including mindfulness, and to maintain work-life balance.  5th June  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
Grant writing/fundraising within the non-profit sector  Overview of what should be included in a ‘good’ grant/fund application. Provide tips and tricks on how to write a successful grant/fund application. Provide examples.  3rd July  4-5:15pm  Sign up here!
Graduation Graduation ceremony in the Blueprint for All office.  TBC TBC In person

Everything you need to know

Q: What will I be involved in when taking part in the Community Leadership Academy?

A: We will invite you to two sessions per month: an interactive masterclass led by leading professional experts, and a group mentoring session where you can solidify your learning and apply it to your organisation. These will take place on the final two Wednesdays of each month, at 4:00-5:15pm. Our workshops are a unique and impactful learning opportunity; being tailored to community leaders within small/micro-organisations led by or serving communities of diverse ethnic heritage.


Q: That sounds amazing, what else can I get out of the programme?

A: We support our members as much as possible: we give you access to our networking platform, and recordings and learning resources from all workshops. You will receive opportunities to have your organisation featured on Blueprint for All social media and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the programme – an accreditation you can share on your LinkedIn profile!


Q: Do I have to pay?

A: If you did not think it could get any better, all of our programmes are completely FREE.


Q: What happens if I drop out or do not attend one of the sessions?

A: We encourage you to attend as many sessions as you can. Knowledge is power and the workshops build upon the learning from earlier sessions. The more engaged you are with the programme, the more you and your organisation will benefit.


Q: How long does it run?

A: Our new cycle will run from February to July 2024.


Q: Can I join the Community Leadership Academy at any point?

A: Enrolment for Cohort 5 will close in January 2024. Register your interest now to guarantee you get a space!

Blueprint for All have been brilliant at helping us raise our profile, we have even managed to attract some desperately needed funding as a result.
Mwilla Mulenshi, Founder, Success Looks Like You