Leave a gift in your Will

By remembering Blueprint for All in your Will, you are making one of the most significant personal commitments that a person can make. It shows that you believe in an inclusive society in which everyone is provided with tangible opportunities to thrive.

Your legacy won’t cost you anything today, but your support will ensure that the talented young people of tomorrow are provided with inspiration, opportunities and support that will enable them to succeed, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background.

We understand that your friends and family come first but once they are accounted for, leaving a legacy to Blueprint for All will help keep our vital work going well into the future.

How leaving a legacy can impact our work

All donations, however they are received, allow us to build our programmes and deliver real-life opportunities for our young people. For example, an increase in support from donors in 2020 enabled us to provide 100% more core bursaries to young people, each of whom received substantial assistance to fund their higher education. We were also able to engage with 500 new young people on our careers’ programmes, and our resources were shared with more than 2,000 new young people.

Your legacy could make a similar, lasting impact.

“I’m very confident in the work and future of Blueprint for All and want them to feel that they have line of sight of money that today they don’t have but could have, hopefully in about 30 years’ time!”
Tracey Harrison, Legacy Donor

How to include Blueprint for All in your Will

Blueprint for All cannot offer legal or financial advice, nor can we recommend specific Will writers or solicitors. However, we can do our best to make the process as easy for you as possible. Our advice is to speak with your solicitor or professional Will writer before drafting a new Will or updating an existing Will (by way of a codicil).

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Find out more

Legacy giving

You can download our legacy giving factsheet, which includes information on the type of gift you can leave. It also includes our suggested wording, which you can share with your solicitor as a starting point for including Blueprint for All in your Will.


When the time comes, your legacy gift will be administered by our Fundraising Team. If you would like to discuss details of your Will in confidence with one of the team, please contact us by phone on 020 8100 2800 or at fundraising@blueprintforall.org.

We are extremely grateful for all support we receive.


“My children don’t need all of my money left to them, they can find their way in the world with some of it, and actually there are other people that I would like to benefit from the hard work I have performed over the last 30 years of my career.”
Tracey Harrison, Legacy Donor