#TeamBlue2024 – Clara Henrichsen

Clara’s journey to the TCS London Marathon has been fuelled by her drive to see a more inclusive society for everyone regardless of their background. Since first coming across Blueprint for All during the Covid-19 pandemic, she’s been steadfast in backing our efforts to empower young people throughout the UK. We sat down with her to hear more about what will be driving her on the 21st April. 

Joining the Blueprint for All TCS London 2024 Marathon team has been a great privilege and a journey I will always think fondly of.

Even when battling through muscle aches, bad weather and finishing long runs alone. In the low points during training, I think back to the reasons why I said yes and remind myself of all the hard work Blueprint for All do for their local communities. Their commitment to building a fairer and more equal society by ensuring young people receive the right education, training and support they need to unlock their real potential is inspiring.  

I came across their work during Covid when my old yoga teacher was doing a live-stream fundraising run for them. As I discovered more about its mission, it was clear how aligned their work is with my fundamental belief that education should be free and equal to all. I was very fortunate to have grown up in Denmark where regardless of your background everyone has access to free education and equal chance to pursuing a career of choice. It’s been evident what this has meant for my future and the opportunities I have had in life. Unfortunately, not all get the same start and, in the UK, where there is such a difference in access to education has meant many young people start at a disadvantage from no fault of their own but purely due to the playing field not being levelled. 

Supporting and fundraising for Blueprint for All means a great deal to me personally and reminds me that we can help ensure we live in a society where everyone has access to the right education and support they need regardless of where or how they grow up.   

The team behind Blueprint for All has ensured as a runner I’ve never felt alone during training and reminds me that every step, sweat and pain counts.   

You can support Clara today by checking out her fundraising page here. If you have a challenge you would like to take on for Blueprint for All or would like to hear more about upcoming events, please contact fundraising@blueprintforall.org