My Life’s Blueprint

This year Blueprint for All are teaming up with the TCS London Marathon to shine a light on some of the amazing people that make us tick. We got up close and personal with some of our fantastic programme participants, learning how their life has been shaped by their upbringing, their goals and motivations, and how that has come to form their blueprint.

Furthermore, we invite you to share in this moment. It’s meeting real people and hearing real stories that make everything we do at Blueprint for All worth it, right? Which led us to ask the question…

What is your life’s Blueprint?

To highlight our human stories at Blueprint for All, we wanted to hear from you: the fundraisers, the runners, the change-makers, and supporters of Blueprint for All who all shared with us their life’s blueprint.  

When we spoke with our runners and fundraisers supporting us in the upcoming marathon, there was a common theme: running for a better future. A better future for us all. 

We want to know what keeps you motivated? What steps are you taking to cross your finish line? You can hear from some of our wonderful supporters below. 

Real people, real stories

In the spirit of sharing we want you to meet some people we have worked closely with over the past year, hopefully making a positive impact in their lives.

Below you can meet Elizabeth, Daisy, Brigith, and Rihann to learn more about their life’s blueprint and how the programmes and initiatives at Blueprint for All have supported their goals, and helped them achieve some of their dreams.

Now you have met some of our wonderful supporters and programme participants, it is time to hear from you! What makes you tick? What are your dreams? We’d love to hear from you so we can feature some of your blueprints on our social media channels.

Either tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and let us know your life’s blueprint and stay up to date by following the hashtag #MyLifesBlueprint. You can also get involved by submitting your blueprint below!

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without you...

At Blueprint for All, we help thousands of people like Rhiann, Daisy, Elizabeth or Brigith each year, either through our bursary programmes, careers programmes or the various initiatives and collaborations with our partners.

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