6. Keep the momentum going

There will likely be a lot of noise in the media around the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, however, make sure your commitment to being an ally is something you can continuously strive for.

To do this effectively, diversify your media intake and those you follow on social channels. Amplify their voices by sharing their content with your social media audiences.

We have compiled a list of social accounts to get you started on this:

Being an ally and helping to dismantle the systemic racism and disadvantage in our society, is a lifetime commitment. We look forward to working towards a fairer society for all, with you by our side.

Young people are central to Blueprint for All, as such we want to hear their views on the language, acronyms and terminology used to describe people. We are therefore undertaking a research project to uncover how young people want to be described, and if this aligns with academic and government suggestions.


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