5 LinkedIn tips we learnt in our Creative Pathways workshop with TJX

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Date: 12th May 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Blog

We recently had a workshop with TJX – home to TK Maxx and Home Sense, where they educated our participants on top tips for LinkedIn. In the first half of our session with TJX, they showed us how to gain interest on your LinkedIn profile. We found that most of our participants had heard of LinkedIn and the majority having an account that was out of date. So if you are reading this, this is your sign to give your profile a spring clean.

Step 1: Creating a profile and sharing your story

If you haven’t already, sign up to LinkedIn, it is a hub for industry experts, business updates and top insights. Once you have signed up, it’s time to use the platform to share your story. Whether you have heaps of professional experience or you are just starting out, every story is different and it may be what will land you your dream job.

Step 2: Putting a face to the name

It’s important that people viewing your profile can see a picture of who you are. Online it can be hard to know what is real and what isn’t, so give your account a personal touch with an image that best represents you – remember to keep it professional!

Step 3: Add your industry

Make sure to add in which industry you work in or are interested in. By doing this it makes it easier for industry experts to find your profile, which may lead to job opportunities falling on your lap.

Step 4: This is the time to give your elevator pitch

Your summary needs stand out. Inject your personality into it and show any goals or accomplishments. With big investments into their culture, companies of today like to match their candidates with their core values. So show who you really are, professionally and personally!

Step 5: Get creative!

Show what you can do! Whether you have projects from university or a creative side hobby, upload it onto your profile. It’s good to show what you are passionate about and show your natural talent. Projects not only show your creative side but your ability to see through tasks from start to finish. So don’t be shy!


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