Blueprint for All and Rhythm Careers with new partnership

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Date: 2nd Oct 2023

Type: News

Blueprint for All and Rhythm Careers launch new partnership. to support the Next Generation of Architects from Under-Represented Communities.

On World Architecture Day 2023 we are excited to announce in collaboration with architectural recruitment specialists; Rhythm Careers,  our “inclusion in Equity” Partnership.

Inclusion in Equity will see Blueprint for All and Rhythm Careers working as exclusive recruitment partners in the architectural sector supporting the work of our Building Futures programme.

Inclusion in Equity is designed to help more young people from Black and Minority Ethnic heritage traditionally under-represented in the architectural sector and will see the charity receive a portion of Rhythm Careers’ profits each year,  which will be donated directly to our Building Futures programme.

In addition, Rhythm Careers will work directly with recent architectural graduates to provide them with mentoring, CV and portfolio advice and direct representation to help them achieve their first role in the architectural progression at architectural firms invested in building a more diverse workforce.   This will see Rhythm Careers providing their services on a pro-bono basis, whilst asking the end point employer to make a donation to Blueprint for All.

“It’s a privilege to be able to support the awe-inspiring work of Blueprint for All. The recent AJ race and diversity survey alongside Blueprint for All shows that so much work is still to be done to tackle the key issues in the profession and the need for us all to play our own bit in affecting positive change. “Inclusion in Equity” is a unique venture and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together”.
Mark Nagle - Director Rhythm Careers

Sumaiya’s story – Building Futures Student

Sumaiya is currently in her third year of studying Architecture at Newcastle University. She has been awarded the Building Futures Bursary, a program established in collaboration with Blueprint for All.

Reflecting on the impact of the Building Futures Bursary, Sumaiya shared, “The bursary significantly eased the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided relief from concerns about paying my accommodation rent in Newcastle, even during periods when I wasn’t residing there full-time. The bursary also enabled me to travel and access campus facilities when restrictions permitted.”

Sumaiya’s experience was further enriched by the bursary as she secured a summer work opportunity in London. Recounting her journey, she stated, “During my first year, I attended an event where I had the chance to meet bursary donors, including architectural firms. This exposure opened doors for me. Thanks to the connections I made, I was able to embark on a two-week placement with an architectural company. This experience bridged the gap between theoretical concepts from online lectures and their practical application in real-world scenarios.”

She continued, “The placement revealed that the tasks and processes emphasized by our tutors are directly applicable to tasks for paying clients. This realization has heightened my motivation to excel in these areas, recognizing their future importance.”Sumaiya’s story underscores the invaluable role the bursary played in facilitating her academic and professional growth.

The emphasis upon equity and inclusion in the workplace has never been more important. Inclusion in Equity will continue all of the important work mentioned, but in addition will see Blueprint for All programme beneficiaries benefit from the ongoing success and growth of Rhythm Career’s success as a business helping us do what we do best; supporting the next generation to thrive regardless of race, ethnicity or background
Sonia Watson OBE - CEO Blueprint for All