Celebrating Black History Month with Abel & Cole

Key details

Date: 13th Oct 2021

Author: Blueprint for All

Type: Partner

To continue celebrations for Black History Month we sat down with our partners Abel & Cole to discuss everything from our recent hard work and successes and what Black History Month means to us, to the effect the pandemic has had on young ethnic minorities.

We also had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the work they have done themselves to tackle inequality from within through the creation of their fantastic Anti-Racism Charter. Our Senior Partnerships Manager Ewan Tuohy sat down with Able & Cole’s Charity officer Jess to get the low down on what measures we are taking to champion Anti-Racism while fighting for fair opportunities for all, as well as the importance of black representation and leadership for young people and much more.

While we celebrate the achievements of Black-led community groups and young people daily, Black History Month serves as an important moment in time to remember the adversity of those that paved the way before us, and prompts important discussions at a national level about what the future will look like for young Black Britons today.

To read the full blog post, visit Abel & Cole’s website.