Deloitte’s Mentorship Programme – Success Celebration Ceremony

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Date: 17th Jun 2024

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On the 23rd April, the Deloitte building in London buzzed with excitement as mentees, mentors, and several Deloitte and BFA employees gathered to celebrate the success of the Deloitte Bursary mentorship programme.

As part of Deloitte’s Black Action Plan and with a focus on equality of opportunity, Deloitte is supporting Blueprint for All through pro bono, volunteering and fundraising work. Together, both Blueprint for All and Deloitte have developed a bursary scheme designed for students of diverse ethnic heritage and from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, to support their future career ambitions. This celebration event marked a significant milestone for the Deloitte Bursary mentees, highlighting the efforts of the mentees and the dedication of those involved in nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Throughout the evening, attendees were inspired by the stories of how this programme began and the importance it holds in today’s world where talent is abundant, but opportunities are not always accessible. Key speakers included Sharnelle McCleod from Deloitte and Sonia Watson, Blueprint for All CEO, who’ve been the driving forces behind this initiative since its inception.


What does Deloitte Bursaries include?


The programme offers a comprehensive support system for underprivileged students, including a bursary of £2,250 per annum for three years of undergraduate study, a buddy scheme to engage with Deloitte members, as well as opportunities to apply to Deloitte initiatives and graduate roles. The aim is to empower these students to reach their full potential by providing guidance and resources they might not otherwise have at this critical stage of their personal development. Hermione Penny, Senoir Programmes and Partnership Manager at Blueprint for All, spoke about her hopes for the programme, stating ”imagine if this opportunity was available for so many more people across many different universities. Being able to see [a mentee’s] confidence grow, their networking [skills] grow, being able to see somebody either represented in your space or in the profession you’re interested in and being able to have conversations with them openly and honestly; that’s what I think young people get out of it.” She goes on to further highlight the other effects of this opportunity, sharing that  “the financial element is potentially life changing.”


Benefits of Networking and Mentorship for Deloitte’s mentees


Certificates were awarded to all mentees for their successful completion of the programme, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. The event also provided a valuable networking opportunity for mentees and mentors to discuss their futures and explore new possibilities. We caught up with Nakesh, one of the mentors from Deloitte, who discussed the value of mentorship:

"Having someone who can support, guide, and push you is so important to unlock the potential that so many people have."
Nakesh, Deloitte Bursary Programme Mentor

Later, he shared that though many people are skilled, often young people are without access to guidance early in their career and this impacts their ability to succeed or develop further beyond entry level positions. A study by Sun Microsystems showed employees who received mentoring were promoted five times more often than people who didn’t have mentors. This is a testimony to the value of programmes like the Deloitte Bursaries scheme, or additionally Blueprint for All’s resource library and programmes, as we aim to provide the tools of empowerment to those who are systemically without access to them the most.


As the evening drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of achievement and optimism in the air. The connections made and the knowledge shared will undoubtedly have a lasting impact as the young mentees go on to apply the skills learned during the programme to the real world. Congratulations to the mentees and mentor’s alike for the 2024 Deloitte Bursary programme!

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