Empowering Diversity in the Creative Industry

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Date: 20th May 2023

Author: Eve Froude

Type: Blog

Celebrating diversity, dialogue, and development with insights from Co-Creative Membership and Blueprint for All’s Community Leadership Academy for World Day for Cultural Diversity.  

In an endeavor to promote diversity and empower young individuals in the creative industry, Blueprint for All interviewed Sophie Lin, Creative Director of Cor-Creative Mentorship. Cor-Creative adopts a student-led approach to foster long-term diversification within the creative field. Since joining Blueprint for All’s Community Leadership Academy, Sophie’s focus has been on enhancing technical skills in a supportive environment while embracing diversity in all its forms. Through a carefully curated selection of FREE monthly online workshops and complementary resources, the Community Leadership Academy helps you to discover how to grow your organisation and strengthen your leadership skills. Through the programme, you are able to expand your network by connecting with other community groups across the UK within the academy. You can also receive support and training from leading professionals.  

This blog post explores the impact of the collaboration between Cor-Creative and Blueprint for All, shedding light on the experiences of participants who have benefited from the Community Leadership Academy program.  

When speaking with Sophie on the ways in which Cor-Creative contributes towards a dialogue centered on developing diversity, she was keen to point out that the team are, “all inspirations to each other.” Much like Cor-Creative, the Community Leadership Academy is dedicated to the long-term diversification of the creative industry. Cor-Creative’s primary focus is on supporting young individuals facing challenges in pursuing their artistic aspirations. Through their programme, students from leading art universities provide honest insights into their experiences, bridging the gap between expectations and reality. This approach encourages aspiring artists to embrace their individuality while also managing their expectations. The internal mentorship model, progressing from mentee to mentor to Vision-board Leader, fosters diversity and sustainability within the creative community. 

Co-Creative Membership was founded to address the underrepresentation of diverse talent in art schools. Last year, their inaugural program took place across Whitechapel Gallery, Rich Mix, and House of Annetta, focusing on increasing accessibility within the arts. Sofia Deria, an integral part of Sophie’s story in working with the Community Leadership Academy, connected with Cor during their early stages. Despite initial challenges of trust due to the organisations adolescence and lack of funding, Sofia believed in their vision, leading to a fruitful collaboration. Sofia’s suggestions resonated with Cor, further strengthening their partnership, and it was she who encouraged Sophie to become a Blueprint for All programme participant.  

The transformative impact of the Community Leadership Academy has enabled those enrolled to gain valuable skills and insights that will positively influence their professional development. “I’ve learned, and am still learning, how to have a clear elevator pitch which is easily adaptable,” said Sophie. “It’s nice to have an opportunity to develop technical skills in an unpressured environment with my peers who may be experiencing their own similar professional fears.” Such an environment enables growth, and the programme allows for programme participants to collaborate, network and in turn thrive with other community leaders.  

Looking ahead Co-Creative Membership and Blueprint for All are committed to continuing their efforts in the upcoming term. Art students, as well as prospective students, are encouraged to reach out for further information through their Instagram account (@corcreativementorship) or by email at corcreativementorship@gmail.com. 

The Community Leadership Academy serves as a platform for fostering diversity and developing essential skills within industry. If you’re interested in learning more and developing your own skills. 

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