Everything I wish I knew before starting my career in financial services

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Date: 19th May 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Blog

For anyone going out into the working world can be daunting. You have all these skills but you aren’t sure how to apply them or where to start, especially when becoming an accountant and building a client base. We spoke to experienced accountants to get the low down on what they wish they knew when they were first starting out.

Learn the basics

With technology adapting the landscape of financial services it is important not to get lost and keep to the basics. The basics of accounting has never changed, knowing these means you are ready to take on any new adaptations while sticking to your core skills.


Having confidence is prime. When deciding your pay, make sure you are getting out as much as you are putting in, don’t be shy to charge a rate that is higher for your time, the right clients will come and speaking of clients, don’t be shy to go out and get them. Building a strong client base will help you adapt your skills and expertise.

Find your client

Specialising in a certain client you can narrow down your skills. It can be overwhelming trying to learn the various industries so perfect your knowledge by sticking to one client type. This will make you look reliable to your clients, as they will believe in your expertise!

It isn’t all just number crunching, accounting involves emotion!

People may think that accountants are all about the numbers but often speaking to clients you will need to connect to them on a personal level. They trust you with money advice, sometimes they may have financial worries that you need to guide them through. Just like a therapist you are there to help them.