Exhibition opened to celebrate contributions of Black women in the fight for equal rights

Key details

Date: 13th Jan 2022

Author: Blueprint for All

Type: Fundraising

Lazaros Pasdekis, a London based artist, opened an exhibition at Well Space Community in Hackney to celebrate the significant contributions of Black women in the fight for equal rights. 

The style of work is figurative, focusing on titans of the Civil rights movement such as Rosa Parks, with a predominant presence of gold in the background. Lazaros has pledged 30% of the profits from his exhibition to support our work.

When questioned on his inspiration for his work, he noted that Black women’s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement is

an excellent example of the human spirit coming out victorious against oppression, tyranny and discrimination.


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Lazaros stated that he is supporting Blueprint for All as our work has a “significant positive impact towards young people by bringing equal opportunities to all ages, regardless of their gender or ethnic background.” Moreover, he hopes that “this exhibition will help and support the great service that Blueprint for All provides.”

Lazaros hopes his work will elevate and educate the public on the significant contributions of Black women in the creation of a more inclusive society. He said: “In recent years, we have seen significant improvements in terms of acknowledging the real struggles and contribution of Black women in our communities [but] there is a lot more to be done, especially in the way we create awareness about that particular part of history.”

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