Our CEO contributes to Bates Wells’ Diversity in Action guide

Key details

Date: 30th Mar 2021

Author: Blueprint for All

Type: Resource

We are delighted with our contribution to the Diversity in Action guide, put together by Bates Wells for the charity sector. With diversity and inclusion high on the agenda across the third sector, Bates Wells have produced a guide for clients looking to develop and instil best practice into their organisation’s culture.

The guide covers a range of specialist advice and practical guidance, including legislation; discrimination; promoting and embedding diversity, equality and inclusion; disability; and contribution from Blueprint for All’s CEO, Sonia Watson, on  how diversity in action can change lives. Sonia shares her hopes that “people will continue to support charities like us who are striving to create the systemic change we need, so that everyone can live in a world where their lives are valued, their aspirations are encouraged, and they are seen and treated equally.” You can view the full Diversity in Action guide here.