Pathways to Professions with Dawn Morton-Young

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Date: 7th Jun 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Blog

Our Pathways to Professions funded by Barclays, aims to provide creative solutions urgently for sixth form students of diverse ethnic heritage. With the need for extra support to these students, Barclays has partnered with Blueprint for All to provide 10 specialised workshops across the UK. We spoke to Dawn Morton-Young, the guest speaker at our first session.

Our first Pathways to Professions workshop was kicked off with Dawn Morton-Young who has been featured in places such as Forbes Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, BBC London, Real Business Magazine and more.

Dawn Morton-Young at Harris City Academy in Crystal Palace

What is it that you do?

“I help corporates by coaching their Diverse Leaders enabling them to better navigate the internal and external barriers facing them in relation to their professional and career development. 

Combining immersive mindset techniques, traditional coaching as well as professional skills guidance and mentoring to help clients navigate bias, micro-aggressions, ableism, impostor syndrome, and generational and societal psychological imprints that impact minority leaders – encouraging them to set goals from a mindset of what is probable rather than just possible.”

Dawn wears a variety of hats, here are some of her current projects:

  • The Diverse Leaders Coach
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Consultant
  • Keynote Speaker, speaking on DEI&B, Parent Carers, Career advancement, and Personal Development
  • Employee Supporter for her consultancy Employee Angels

With a busy schedule, we asked Dawn, what keeps you motivated?

“Firstly and honestly money, because I have a family to feed, but also the impact that I can make on the world. I am inspiring other people and showing that they can do it too.” 

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"When you’re excited about something, you don’t mind working hard.”
Dawn Morton-Young