Totaljobs is boosting equality of the job market

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Date: 6th Aug 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Partner

One of Blueprint for All’s most exciting partnerships yet, we have come together with Totaljobs who have created ‘Equality Boost’ – a proven way to increase applications from underrepresented groups through targeted display advertising.

Let’s first talk about why Totaljobs in particular have created the Equality Boost tool. Working with The Diversity Trust, together they have highlighted the career progression challenges for Black and South Asian women in the UK. Here are the key notes from the report:

  • Black and South Asian women have higher levels of confidence about their career trajectory than white colleagues, but face barriers to progression due to racism and sexism
  • Two thirds of Black and South Asian women at managerial level believe that their ethnicity or gender has impacted their progression into a position of leadership
  • Two thirds of Black and South Asian women have felt the need to code-switch at work, while 79% have faced discrimination
  • As a result, almost two thirds (62%) of Black and South Asian women report their wellbeing at work has suffered

Read the full report

What is Equality Boost?

Harnessing a unique blend of data science, Equality Boost pinpoints when, where and how to reach the talent you need by demographic, socio-economic group, location and interest information. This means you can serve the right ad to the right audience.

Every campaign designed with Equality Boost is developed to attract both passive and active candidates, increasing application numbers and showcasing your brand authentically.

How does it work?

Totaljobs help you to identify your unique challenges and set clear objectives to help shape a bespoke package for your needs.

They will then build an optimised campaign with end-to-end creative support, so that your jobs standout to the right candidates and enhance overall brand perception.

Next they will target the people you need through a strategic mix of direct and retargeted, social and programmatic ads – as led by our team of display experts.

Monitoring your campaign performance with real-time data and insights, they will then measure the success to improve your campaigns over time.

The Equality Boost Badge will be displayed on your job listings to showcase that you are investing in searching for diverse candidates.

Sounds cool right? Well to celebrate the launch of Equality Boost, Totaljobs will be donating 5% of every purchase to Blueprint for All.

Head over to Totaljobs to find a practical way to make your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy a reality.

Count me in!

Our approach to Inclusion impacts each decision we make in how our colleagues work together to create an environment where everyone is welcome. Equality Boost has been a great support in implementing our early careers strategy, particularly when attracting candidates from BAME backgrounds.
Paul Casey, Recruitment Marketing Coordinator, People Team, Bupa