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Date: 4th Aug 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Fundraising

Take a look at our latest fundraising updates. We have had a lot of fun and creative ways that people have raised money for Blueprint for All this summer. Whether they have worked solo or as a team, they have all contributed to creating a fairer society for all. Let’s see what they have been up to!

Realm Recruit

Realm Recruit grouped together last week to brave the hot weather and rack up some serious mileage to fundraise for Blueprint for All. Their journey took them from one side of Sett Valley to the other, and back again. 
“We did this to raise money for Blueprint for All, who aim to provide inspiration, opportunities and support to young people. They aim to address the disparity of opportunity, empower communities across the UK to tackle inequality and discrimination for long term sustainable change. “
“We’re proud to say we’ve raised £900 towards an incredibly worthwhile cause” – Duane Cormell Managing Director or Realm Recruit  
 “I feel incredibly proud to take part in raising money for Blueprint for All, whilst our challenge was tough, I am so glad to have done it for such a wonderful charity. It has all been worth it due to the incredible support we have received, raising £900 and completely smashing our target, it goes to show what a wonderful cause it is all for. “
 “I can’t wait for Blueprint for All to use this money and continue making the positive impact they currently do. Thank you Blueprint for All.” Edward Sorrell – Junior Marketing Executive Realm Recruit  


Grace Colebeck 

Our fundraiser of the month is Grace Colebeck, she has raised an incredible £1316.71 for Blueprint for All. Grace has participated in a number of fundraising events, including a bake sale and a lecture on the nature of our work, all while training for the London Marathon. 



QÄSA QÄSA are an ethical homeware and gift shop offering covetable, one of a kind pieces that have been designed to inspire the curious. Every product comes with a story and honours the creativity of the regions they work in East Africa with artisans and they have kindly offered proceedings made from their Yaro and Imani print to donate to Blueprint for All.
“We have created these two giclée prints in an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for anti-racism in the UK. Moved by the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of skin tone diversity in educational posters, we set out to create this series of artworks that we have named Imani and Yaro. We hope they will be used to adorn the walls of kids and adult rooms alike.
Charles, the artist is based in Tanzania and produces a diverse array of artworks. He creates large scale murals for schools with educational imagery, often with a wonderful humour. He also creates traditional Tinga Tinga style paintings, as well as developing his own distinctive abstract style. Each giclée print is from an original painting, therefore all eight prints available in differing languages are unique.
We have always been aware of the amazing work of Blueprint for All, and wanted to specifically donate to helping youth and equality in the UK.
Inclusivity, heritage and identity are key points if interests in both of our businesses and so we wanted our prints to contribute further to increasing black representation on the walls of peoples homes, and also to contribute financially to a partner that is working in this field.”


ISG are a construction company specialising in Fit Out, Construction and Engineering projects. ISG prides itself on the trust it creates with its clients and our values: Dream Smart, Speak Frankly, Always Care and Never Stop Learning.
“When looking for local charities to support, one of our clients mentioned they had a link with Blueprint for All and so with further research we discovered what they stood for.
We wanted to fundraise money for Blueprint for All because they are a local charity that make a big impact for young people and communities by giving people opportunities to better themselves. This can be through career support for young people helping them pursue a specific career that they may otherwise have the support to pursue.
The work that Blueprint for All undertakes is important because it helps people that may not receive the same opportunity as others, to have an opportunity so that they can get into jobs and create a more diverse workforce. A more diverse workforce means that people can offer ideas from different perspectives and ultimately achieve an aim more effectively.
11 members from the ISG team and some clients took part in a 10 km Tough Mudder where we had to overcome obstacles ranging from monkey bars, scaling walls and plunge pools as well as the heat. Impact. The team, subcontractors, clients and ISG all got behind our team wishing messages of good luck and helping us to reach and overcome our goal of raising £2,000.
This donation will benefit individuals by helping them to receive access to support that they may not otherwise receive. This support will improve theses young person’s day to day life and hopefully help them obtain skills or even jobs for the future.
The combination of the weather, obstacles and distance meant that much of our team were exhausted after the event, however, we felt happy that we had completed our goal for a charity with strong ideals.”

Would you like to fundraise for Blueprint for All?

We encourage any ideas that you have to fundraise for Blueprint for All. Whether you make it your solo mission or want to bring your work friends together to make a change, we are all ears.

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