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Date: 11th Apr 2022

Author: Jade McGhee

Type: Blog

Your Space offers a variety of co-working solutions, from cafe vibe drop in, flexible hot-desking memberships, private offices to beautifully designed event spaces, with the chance to have a sociable work-base suited for everyone. We decided to speak to Leo Kogan, one of our regular members at YourSpace.

Leo Kogan is an established legal writer from Argentina. Graduating as a lawyer in Buenos Aires, he founded Argentina Jurdica, a news website that covers interest pieces for the local legal community.

A collaborative columnist, he wrote for several newspapers about relevant legal precedents and went onto a career in business before he decided to revisit his first passion – writing. Today, he spends his time connecting with his business persona by working with a start-up, that sells digital video games on different platforms, while working on his novel.

YourSpace for Leo is a place where he can manage his time better, invigorated by the change of scenery, he can separate his everyday work life, as he can focus on writing at home. Having a balance between work and home has been critical for his mental health. Leo can socialise with a range of people from various jobs and backgrounds, which has enriched his inspiration for new characters.

Are you looking for somewhere to work that is more than just a office space? YourSpace not only has a sociable and friendly atmosphere, we have plenty of areas such as a terrace with views of Brookmill Park, a picnic area and the perfect spots to network over some lunch. Sound like what you are looking for? Find out more here.