Zion’s trip to Everest Base Camp

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Date: 29th Nov 2023

Type: Fundraising

We would like to tell you about Zion who went above and beyond for Blueprint for All.

At Blueprint for All we have so many incredible supporters, people who give up their time and donate to our charity. Their support means that we can help young people of diverse ethnic heritage reach their full potential in life, by providing access to opportunities in careers, community and society.

Meet Zion from Deloitte, one of our corporate partners. He took on the challenge of hiking to Everest Base Camp to raise funds for Blueprint for All. He is back home now and wants to tell you all about the experiences he had on his epic journey.

Zion writes…

‘So a few weeks ago I set out to hike to the Everest Base Camp, I think it’s safe to say that the trek was physically pretty much the hardest thing that I’ve ever attempted. The whole journey was a movie, from sleeping in -5 degree temperatures to eating a lifetimes share of egg fried rice within a two week period, from experiencing mild altitude headaches to experiencing a Buddhist monk ceremony in one of the mountain’s oldest monasteries.

I write this blog whilst I am sitting in my office and feeling restless and experiencing the strong urge to find another mountain to climb. If I am being honest, I really miss Nepal, I miss the porters and Sherpas that I spent the 3 weeks with, I miss the constant physical and mental challenge of the hike, I miss the breath-taking views and learning more about the Sherpa people and culture. I learnt that ‘Everest’ to the locals is either Mount Sagamartha (Nepalese) / Chomolunga (Tibetan), I learnt more about the Buddhism and the importance of balance and sustainability to the Monks, how they only ‘take what they need’ and ascribe value to everything around them. I also met amazing people from all over the globe, on the trip I made friends with other hikers from India, Australia, Canada, Spain, U.S.A, Russia, Norway and many more countries, the base camp was truly a cultural melting pot and it was beautiful to see people from all walks of life celebrating the journey and success of reaching the base camp together.


One of my highlights was being able to celebrate my 30th birthday at the Base Camp with my team and new friends made along the way. There was a certain sense of pride mixed with bewilderment when I stood on the EBC rock in front of Mt Sagarmartha at the turning of a new age – it was magical and a moment I will never forget. I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself, to meet a wide array of people, to learn and appreciate a new culture and way of life on the mountains, and to see some of earth’s most breath-taking sights. Being at the Base Camp with people from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures, lived experiences etc, is a great reminder of how beneficial opportunities can be. As part of this hike I set out to fundraise for Blueprint For All, one of Deloitte’s Five Million Futures charity partners, to support in creating a blueprint for a better future – I believe this is important and valuable work. I had never once imagined that I would be at the foot of the tallest mountain in the world…but anything is possible once you get the opportunity, right?

Thank you for supporting me and Blueprint For All in this mission. If you still want to support, the JustGiving page is open for another week. Please enjoy some of the sights, pictures do not do justice to the wonders of the Sagamartha National Park’

We are so grateful to Zion for taking on this challenge and sharing his passion for our work. If you would like to donate to support his achievement then the first £600 raised will be kindly matched by Zion’s employer, Deloitte.

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