Partnering with Seven Hills

Words move minds and campaigns create momentum. Seven Hills is a communications and campaigns agency doing things differently, helping a diverse range of organisations – from start-ups to global leaders – define their mission and articulate their purpose in order to stand out. Seven Hills first chose Blueprint for All as its Charity of the Year in 2021 with the team organising fundraising events ranging from a 5k relay challenge to The Vitality Big Half marathon. Now, the Seven Hills team have taken their support even further.

We caught up with Senior Campaign Director, Matic Boh, to discuss what led Seven Hills to Blueprint for All and the benefits of this partnership to them and their employees.

Why did Seven Hills choose to support Blueprint for All?

We decided to support Blueprint for All as our chosen charity of the year for the amazing work they do with disadvantaged young people and communities around the UK – driving change at the heart of society and creating vital opportunities for those that need them most.

The careers programme is of particular interest to our team, and we see a tremendous opportunity to build on our work to date and continue supporting an organisation with such a powerful ethos at its core, helping to deliver skills and foundational training for the next generation.

How has Seven Hills chosen to support Blueprint for All?

The events of the past two years, and the heightened attention on the Black Lives Matter movement, have put the challenges facing underprivileged and minority communities in sharp perspective. We are dedicated to supporting Blueprint for All bettering the lives of young people in these communities in any way we can – from fundraising activities to getting involved with its different training programmes.

Last year, we had a cohort of six Seven Hills runners taking on the Vitality Big Half Marathon in support for Blueprint for All – with most of us taking on the 21km distance for the very first time! It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and we raised £1,755 through our fundraising efforts.

This year, I have the privilege of taking on the London Marathon in support of Blueprint for All, running on behalf of the wider Seven Hills team, and we’re excited for the many fundraising opportunities still to come!

In addition, members of our team have signed up to assist the coaching programme. We’ll be helping community leaders develop the key skills needed to progress and develop in their roles. It’s a very exciting proposition, and a great way for us to connect directly with communities and contribute to positive and lasting impact.

What sort of effect do you think this partnership will have on your team and on your clients?

From fundraising efforts to programmatic work, to community coaching, it’s been a rewarding and enriching experience thus far, using our time and creativity to help build a future where talent is nurtured wherever it comes from, organisations recognise and realise the benefits of a diverse workforce, and our communities can come together and thrive.

We purposefully chose to support an organisation with a far-reaching mission and a broad scope of activities, to ensure the team, our clients, and wider network, feel engaged and excited about the work we’re doing.
Matic Boh

We are thrilled to see forward-thinking companies like Seven Hills embracing new ways of generating support, awareness and donations for our organisation. We are eternally grateful for their commitment to fund our work with young people and communities to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background can thrive.

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