1. Standing shoulder to shoulder

There may be times when comments are made about people from diverse ethnic heritage that you recognise as inappropriate or offensive, this can happen in both social and professional settings. You should always take an anti-racist stance when this happens and say something. By remaining silent you are complicit and give the impression that it is ‘okay’.

Challenging someone about their language or behaviour doesn’t need to be confrontational. There are many ways in which you can stand shoulder to shoulder and support people of diverse ethnic heritage. You could start by correcting a family member, standing up for a stranger in the street, writing to your MP or questioning the curriculum at your school or university.

Be an advocate for change

You can discover more resources, along with age-appropriate links, to enable you to have conversations with children and young people in our downloadable guide - We All Have the Power to Make a Difference.


2. Learn and un-learn

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