4. Support charities making a difference

There are many small charities and community groups, throughout the UK, doing incredible work to support inclusion; we should all actively back them. Often small charities are excluded from corporate giving if their turnover is under a certain threshold. Did you know, you can ask your employer if you can include a grassroots charity supporting communities of diverse ethnic heritage in your payroll giving, at fundraising events or as your corporate charity of the year?

Blueprint for All works with young people aged 13–30 to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background, can thrive. We also run programmes that support community groups working with people from diverse backgrounds, to maximise their impact and make positive changes for local people.

Discover the #ChangeMakers behind some of the incredible grassroots organisations we work with, and a list of community groups and small charities we support, here.

If you can’t donate time or money, support them by following their journey on social media via their tags below, and share their message with your audiences.

5. Support minority owned businesses

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