Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Do you dream of being your own boss? Have you got a great idea for a business, but don’t know how to launch it? Or perhaps, you are already self-employed or freelancing and looking to maximise your potential?


If so, our brand-new course for 16-25-year-olds of diverse ethnic heritage living in Birmingham, Manchester or London – Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ could be for you.

Starting in March, the 2-week course kicks off with a session on ‘Entrepreneurship Myth Busting’ and ‘Generating Ideas & Identifying Opportunities.’ 

On successful completion, participants can apply for a 10-month mentoring scheme where you will be matched with a business mentor to support you.

Applications open

Complete the application form by 10pm on Monday 21st February. There are limited spaces available so we suggest you apply as early as possible.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Timetable for programme

Date  Time  Training Module 
Tuesday 15th March  10am-2pm 
  • Blueprint for All Introduction / Entrepreneurship Myth Busting 
  • Generating Ideas & Identifying Opportunities 
Wednesday 16th March  10am-4pm 
  • Building a business 
  • Financing a Business 
Tuesday 22nd March  10am-4pm 
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs 
  • Live Project Brief 
Wednesday 23rd March  10am-3pm 
  • Independent study time 
  • Pitching a business idea 
Tuesday 29th March  10am-11am 
  • Innovation awards ceremony


  • Participants must attend all online workshops and masterclasses
  • Participants must be prepared to pitch to a panel of professionals at the close of the 2week training course
  • Participants who then sign up for mentoring must attend all scheduled meetings with their mentor (average 1 per month) 

What do I gain?

  • Beginners training in how to become an entrepreneur, generate business ideas, understand finances, branding/ marketing, and pitching
  • Workshops will be delivered by experts from a range of businesses, professions, and entrepreneurs
  • All participants are eligible to receive a mentor for 6-12 months and become part of BfA alumni
  • Resources and tools will be shared to further support your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge

Building Future Innovation Award

At the end of the programme participants will be selected to receive an innovation award of £2,300 which can be used to support the development of their entrepreneurial plans.  

Learn from other entreprenuers 

Meet three entrepreneurs who received support from Blueprint for All to develop their social enterprises, businesses giving back to communities.

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