Building Inclusive Futures: Teacher Training Programme

The Teacher Training will be for up to 30 teachers or a department to engage with a Careers Leader Professional who will train and support you with your knowledge of careers development. The training will help you feel empowered to support Young People in making decisions about their future.

What does the teacher training programme include?

  • Training and support to up to 30 teachers/a department, in delivering strong careers advice to young people in secondary school’s
  • Blueprint for All will deliver 5 Creative & Entrepreneurial workshops
  • Our training links in with the strategic priorities of Ofsted, helping you meet their requirements
  • This programme is funded for 2 years

What are the benefits for your teachers?

  • Gain confidence in delivering careers knowledge and labour market information
  • Obtain the resources to deliver high quality careers advice
  • Get ongoing delivery of dedication to the support of Building an Inclusive Future for all
  • Empower students and help them make more informed careers based decisions

What are the benefits to your students?

  • A range of creative entrepreneurs will deliver professional workshops to help students think about their future
  • Focused support and delivery on the importance of networking and maintaining a strong portfolio
  • Gain the knowledge and tools to transform their future!

If you are interested in participating with this amazing opportunity, please contact our Senior Programme’s Coordinator, Hollie Witton, at:

Find out about our Pathways to Professions

Our Pathways to Professions programme works with schools to provide young people with skills, opportunities and knowledge to build their career aspirations.  Paired with our teacher training programme this can make a big difference to creating a farer future for all!

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