#TeamBlue2024 – Mark Nagle

This year, we have an amazing group of dedicated runners taking part in the TCS London Marathon. None more so than Mark, who has worked passionately with Blueprint for All since 2017. Through his work as one of our charity partners, Mark has championed young people of diverse ethnic heritage to enter the architectural workspace which has traditionally been less inclusive. Now, he is taking on the personal challenge to run 26.2 miles and raise awareness for our work in the process. This is Mark’s story. 

I’m acutely aware of the advantages I automatically had in life.   

I’m a middle aged, upper working class white man, raised in the suburbs of Hampshire to parents with resources that meant I never wanted for anything growing up, in a world which gives endless opportunities to people like me.  I didn’t have to combat any systematic, institutional, or social barriers to succeed; the opportunities were just there. I’ve always naturally benefited from my circumstances of birth, but is that right?

When I came into business, and progressed into positions of influence, I recognised that I had an opportunity to use my position to address some of the injustices of inequity that so many face, and supporting the work of, and partnering with Blueprint for All gives me the opportunity to do just that.

I started supporting Blueprint for All in 2017, and the relationship has grown stronger over time.  This is because in my role recruiting for the architectural industry; I speak to young people regularly who simply wouldn’t have been able to move forward in their design careers without the direct support Blueprint for All proactively provide.  Their work is absolutely key!

Running the London Marathon for Blueprint for All is something I’m so excited to do.  Running a marathon is hard, but running a successful charity is so much harder, so to be trusted with one of their valuable fundraising spots is an honour.

When I setup Rhythm Careers; I wanted to ensure that it was a business that did things better than the rest, and prioritised action over rhetoric.  That is why, as part of the fundraising for the marathon, I have pledged that for every £ of sponsorship I receive; Rhythm Careers will directly match it!  Simply put; if someone sponsors me £10, Rhythm Careers will also sponsor me £10. Working together with each donor, we can make every generous donation have an effect twice over.

You can support Mark in his fundraising efforts and follow his journey through his fundraising page. If you have a challenge you would like to take on for Blueprint for All or would like to hear more about upcoming events, please contact fundraising@blueprintforall.org