Inspirational Youth Education Charity 2023: Blueprint for All

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Date: 4th Jul 2023

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It is with great excitement that we announce the outstanding achievement of Blueprint for All, as we are honoured with the prestigious Acquisition International Non-profit Organisation Award: Most Inspirational Youth Education Charity 2023” 

Blueprint for All being recognised as the Most Inspirational Youth Education Charity 2023 award 2023 is a testament to our commitment to creating an inclusive society.  Our high impact programmes provide inspiration, opportunities, and support to talented young people from diverse ethnic heritage backgrounds, enabling them to succeed. We work with innovative organisations and businesses to address disparity of opportunity, so everyone’s talents, skills and perspectives are valued.  We empower communities across the UK to tackle disadvantage and discrimination for long term, sustainable change. We always endeavour to incorporate a range of industries, working to level the playing field in a society that doesn’t offer equal opportunities.  

We provide support to individuals up to the age of 30, addressing the various challenges they encounter during different stages of their career journey. Through workshops, bursaries, career opportunities, and exclusive events we actively tackle the systemic barriers in place that impact people’s ability to thrive. Whether young individuals aspire to pursue a career in the creative arts, financial sector, entrepreneurial ventures, or any other domain, our mission is to offer guidance and showcase the multitude of pathways to success that exist.  


In the last year Blueprint for All have:  

  • Engaged with 3752 young people across our programmes.  
  • Increased bursaries by 100% increase since 2020, providing financial support to fund young adult’s higher education (Take a look at our 2020 bursary awardees here).  
  • Worked with young adults in all careers across the UK. The careers content on our Digital platform has been viewed 15,000 times since we soft-launched in February 2023, and continues to grow daily.  
  • Engaged face to face with 500 new participants on our school careers’ programme and our resources have been shared with over 2,000 new young people. 
  • Engaged with 149 new community groups. We plan to increase our presence across all regions of the UK by replicating our Community Leadership Academy network in every region where our evidence shows the need is the greatest. 

Our digital transformation is helping our charity to become an online pioneer. Our work to create the online platform ‘My Blueprint for All’ is transforming how we support young people. It will allow us to extrapolate expand our reach and transform the lives of those most vulnerable, whilst furthering diversity within a whole range of industries.  

"From Blueprint for All and the Building Futures programme, I gained more hope and I know how to continue my career path. I can see there are more opportunities, thanks to charities like this that focuses on giving opportunities to diverse heritage."
Brigeth, Building Futures participant

This award serves as a symbol of our dedication and commitment to positive change, we are now more determined than ever to continue empowering young people and communities. We envision a future where opportunities are accessible to all, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated, and where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. 

Through digital investment and capacity of our delivery team strengthened, we believe the My Blueprint for All digital platform will go on to reach 10,000+ young people, furthered by the benefits and opportunities provided by our wider network of programmes, resources, and support offered by Blueprint for All and our range of partners.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in Blueprint for All’s mission. With your continued support, we are confident that we can continue to make a real and positive difference in the lives of young people and communities.  

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