Meet 2023 TCS London Marathon fundraisers!

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Date: 6th Mar 2023

Author: Eve Froude

Type: Fundraising

This marathon season, we’re spotlighting one of Blueprint for All’s incredible fundraisers who is part of the mission to create an inclusive future for all…

Meet Joël Bontemps. He is one of the 2023 TSC London Marathon runners for Blueprint for All. 

Dedicated to making a lasting impact by fundraising for a more inclusive society for those of diverse ethnic heritage, Joël has been hard at work at with his marathon training.

Blueprint for All recently held an event for all our fabulous TCS London Marathon runners. We wanted to thank them for their incredible contribution to the charity and to share some fundraising and training tips. While at the event we chatted to Joël  about how he felt when he found out he had been chosen to run the TCS London Marathon for Blueprint for All.

“I feel like I’ve made it. I know how many people have wanted this position, so I feel very grateful for Blueprint for All. I never want to forget the journey that got me here.” 

For Joël, choosing Blueprint to All to run for was a personal choice because he is a previous participant of the Building Futures programme and he first  connected with the charity through his architectural work. After studying at Portsmouth University for his undergraduate degree, Joël joined the Building Futures’ team as part of the End of Year celebration event in October 2022.  

“I actually got my current job at JTP Architects through Blueprint for All! A friend of mine from university was co-hosting the Building Futures event, and she connected me to the Building Futures Coordinator at Blueprint for All. I showed up to the event and knew hardly anybody, but just thought I should go for it and give it my all with the opportunity presented to me. It’s funny looking back now, because I didn’t fully understand who JTP were, either, at the time. It’s through Blueprint for All and my friend that I showed up, met at the offices and just thought to myself: ‘Wow. I love this space. I love these people. I love this cause. How do I get involved?’”  

With the TSC London Marathon fast approaching (23rd April 2023), Joël is working hard to train for the big day while also fundraising for the cause which is important to him. 

Supporters like Joël, and everyone who contributes to his fundraising efforts, are so important in helping Blueprint for All deliver vital programmes and provide support for young people across the UK. Our fundraisers enable talented individuals to have access to more opportunities and reach their full potential, helping us to create a fairer and more inclusive society for all. 

Click here to support Joël’s fundraising page, and don’t forget to check our social feed and website for future TSC London Marathon updates and a first look at our brand new Blueprint for All running t-shirts!