Pathways to Professions for Sixth-Forms

Barclays partner with Blueprint for all to support 600 under-represented young people across the UK with career planning and employability skills development.

  • Pathways to Professions programme to reach 600 young people from ethnically diverse communities and lower socio-economic backgrounds
  • 3-year partnership will provide careers information and core employability skills development
  • Barclays to provide role models to the students, and Barclays LifeSkills to deliver interactive workshops and resources

What is included in the programme?

Throughout the programme the Blueprint for All team will help students gain a greater understanding of how they can link their education to their future career aspirations. Giving them insight into the different careers available, the programme will:

  • Support students to understand how their current stage of education links to professional success
  • Teach students about different professional careers available and routes to these careers
  • Provide access to inspiring and relatable professionals such as Dawn Morton

Young people on the programme will join a series of 10 interactive workshops to help them better understand different industries and roles available, understand their own strengths, as well as develop their skills using a range of resources, including Barclays LifeSkills. The programme will also provide first-hand career insights from Barclays colleagues, as well as professionals across a range of industries, to help inspire and support them.

Take a look at an opinion piece by CEO of Blueprint for All, Sonia Watson, who talks through some of the issues sixth form students face at an important crossroads in their lives in terms of support regarding their next steps into higher education and beyond, and how the Pathway to Professions programme could be the solution for many.

“We’re smashing down the doors so you can walk through them."
Dawn Morton-Young

Hear more from Dawn Morton-Young who guest spoke at our first Pathways to Professions workshop.

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Pathways to Professions programme works with schools to provide young people in London, Birmingham and Manchester with skills, opportunities and knowledge to build their career aspirations.

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