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Building Futures Alumni Kehinde Pereira talks to Blueprint for All about mentoring, architecture and his career.

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Date: 19th Apr 2022

Author: Amy Cartledge

Type: Blog

According to recent data from the Architects Registration Board, just 11% of registered architects in the UK are from a diverse heritage background.

Facing such low participation in the architecture world, it’s more important than ever to hear success stories from those forging their career in an industry where topics such as ‘diversity, ‘inclusion and ‘equity’ are relatively new. Kehinde Pereira, Part II Architectural Assistant at Morris+Company, spoke to us about his experience in the industry, as well as the support he had received once finishing his Masters.

As a Building Futures Alumni and a bursary award winner, Kehinde is one of hundreds of aspiring architects who has received financial support, mentoring and career resources from Blueprint for All.

What did you hope to gain from Blueprint for All’s workshops?

Constantly hearing that just 1% of architects are Black led me to seek out an opportunity at Blueprint for All, as well as the fact that the architecture job market is extremely competitive. I wanted to give myself the best chance in getting a job. I didn’t want to wait long after finishing my Masters as I wanted to use every available opportunity to me to get a Part II role. I hoped to gain some experience within the architectural industry and make some connections whether that is through peers or industry experts. I did not have any expectations, but I wanted to get involved with as many opportunities as possible.

What did you enjoy about the programme?

I enjoyed speaking with Ken Okonkwo and Simone De Gale at the Architecture and Inclusivity event at Soho House. It was also great being in conversation with Adam Abbasi from CAMRON – it was very insightful and an effective way to boost my confidence. Meeting Kristofer Adelaide the director of the practice KA-A was also a huge pleasure and a significant learning experience which helped me understand the architecture world outside of my young architectural experience. [It was great to be] learning in a balanced space, as well as being enriched and feeling more enthusiastic after each meet up!

How did the programme help you with the challenges you were facing?

I was more confident in speaking about architecture with other industry people. It encourage me to ask for help from my mentor when I needed it which granted me that safe space to share ideas and how I want my career to progress. In gaining a mentor, and a friend, I learnt new things and could share content on like-minded subjects.



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