Financial Services Pathway

Want to learn more about the financial sector and how to navigate your own path to success?

Join our Financial Services Pathways Programme to develop transferrable skills, meet a range of industry experts and ultimately build the confidence to succeed.

Financial services pathway

Who can join?

  • Must be based in the UK
  • Must be aged 18-30
  • We encourage people of diverse ethnic heritage to join

What to expect?

  • 1 workshop per month held online
  • Receive a mentor for 1:1 support and advice
  • Attend a workshop at a leading financial company HQ in London
  • Connect with other like-minded young people
  • Build your network of contacts to support your employment journey
  • Access to employment opportunities

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Please note that our applications for mentors is now closed, so please skip this area when you register.

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Workshop details & timeline

Date Time Workshop Volunteers Workshop summary Notes
21st March 4-5:15pm Motivation and confidence


– Ideas of how to motivate yourself

-Pushing through barriers

-Overcoming fear and uncertainty

-Building resilience


Online workshop

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21st March 5:15-6pm Mentoring scheme kick off BfA -Introduce mentors and mentees to the scheme
-Outline expectations
-Get to know everyone involved
-What to expect next
-Useful resources
Online workshop


18th April 4-5:15 Networking and personal branding -How to network

-Where to network

-How to promote yourself personally and professionally

-Key things to remember


Online workshop

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16th May 4-5:15 What can I do in the finance sector?


-Exploring different departments/areas of the financial sector

-Hear what an average day entails for employees



Online workshop

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21st June and the 27th June


TBC Workplace visit

Success looks like you: understanding career journeys in the financial sector

London office


Applications closed for the 21st. If you would like to attend the online event.

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18th July




Money Management Part 1 Online workshop

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15th August 4-5:15


Money Management Part 2 Online workshop

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CV’s and Interviews -Key features of a CV

-CV examples and good templates

-How to promote yourself

-Types of interviews

-Example interview questions specific to financial sector

Online workshop

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Finding Opportunities in the Financial Sector -Where to find jobs/work experience

-Publications to read

-Who/what to follow on social media

-Internships/work experience/short courses

-How to take advantage of opportunities

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Having a mentor, hearing from industry experts and seeing behind the scenes really inspired me. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my passion and be able to follow my dream.
Rebecca Shogunle, previous participant