Transitions to Employment

Motivating and empowering Year 12 students within Tower Hamlets and Newham through providing personal and professional development to prepare for their transition to employment.

Transitions to Employment

Would you like to empower your sixth form students? Transitions to Employment enables students to achieve their careers goals by building their employment skills through personal and professional development to build their pathway to employment.

We inspire young people within and beyond the classroom in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham. Through meeting industry professionals and learning routes to careers, students become confident about their transition to professional life.

What are the benefits of this programme for my school and students?

Our workshops drive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and incorporate several Gatsby Benchmarks. We support students to build on their learning within the curriculum to create a pathway to their career of choice. Your students will come away motivated and driven with the skills to achieve their next steps.

9 workshops including:

  • 2x sessions for the whole year group (September – December 2022)
  • 7x sessions for 30 young people – 80% of diverse ethnic heritage and/or from low socio-economic backgrounds (January – July 2023)
  • Workplace visits
  • Talks from industry professionals
  • CV and interview preparation
  • Discovering different careers available¬†
  • Understanding the various routes for achieving career aspirations

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